Monday, July 30, 2012

Wishful Monday

I had one of these room sprays a few months ago and I loved it.  It was more of a clean linen smell but I think that getting something like this would be great.  For my dorm room freshman year my roommate and I had those jelly air fresheners that smelled like vanilla and our entire room always smelled amazing.  These are great because they give the same effect as a candle but they are so much easier.  (They're on sale right now!  2 for $10!)

This lace scarf from Free People is absolutely gorgeous.  I've been holding out on buying it, hoping that it will eventually go on sale but it is still priced at $48.  Since I'm going to school in Chicago I really need scarves that are of a heavier/warmer weight but I think that this would be cute for spring or fall outfits.  

At $20 for 10 notecards these can get a little pricey but for special occasions or extra nice thank you notes they could be great.  I love everything about them, the gold and creme striping on the inside of the envelope, the bright raspberry color of the card and the dainty gold bow on the top, they're just so adorable!  


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