Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back to School: Essentials

Container Store, Moleskine, Urban Outfitters

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 Colorful notebooks, fun pens, and a cute planner are the only things that get me through school. If you've noticed I've mentioned bright colorful items in practically every post, I figure if you have to go to school you might as well make it as fun as you possibly can.

 I really like the look of the notebooks in the lower left corner, they'd be cute to have one for each class and when you line them up on your desk it'd be like a bright colorful rainbow. The printed file folders are great too, I like to assign one to each class and you can fill them with all the necessary forms and hand outs.

 Pencils really aren't my thing, I think my handwriting is a lot nicer in pen. These Pilot pens are some of my favorite because the ink comes out nice and smooth. Black is great for taking notes (although I like to color code and highlight things) and I use the colorful ones to fill in my planner after I assign a color to each class.

This series is quickly coming to a close, but you know I saved the best for last...nails!


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