Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sephora by OPI: Break a Leg-Warmer!

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Honestly this is one of my favorite colors.  Now sometimes I think that when I say 'favorite' I am guilty of overusing the word.  Often times in the moment of having a certain color on my nails I can clearly think that it is a favorite polish of mine but then I don't use it for months and months.  With this polish that definitely is NOT the case.  I am so in love with this color I seriously use it all the time.  Originally I bought this polish based on the name and the collection that it was from.  At the time I thought the color was nice but didn't think I would use it all that often.  Boy was I wrong.  

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This color came out during the fall of 2010 as part of the Sephora by OPI 'Urban Ballerina' collection.  As a former dancer I am obsessed with anything whose name is related to anything with dance, or maybe it isn't so much because I'm a former dancer but more because I have a polish addiction.  Anyway I am so happy that I fell in love with this color, it's perfect for any occasion and season and goes on creamy and opaque after about 2 coats.  This is a dark muted charcoal grey color with a bit of a blue tinge.   Thank god Sephora has this included in it's permanent collection!  

*natural sunlight, 2 coats, Canon T3.  


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