Thursday, May 17, 2012

On Trend: Zig Zag Enamel Rings

On Trend: Zig Zag Enamel Rings

A look that's been very popular lately amongst many, including a ton of fashion bloggers, has been these zig zag enamel stacking rings.  Sadly, I am still without these rings as when I wanted to place my order on they were out of stock.  :( Hopefully I can get my hands on these soon, before they go out of style!  I prefer the look of the Asos rings, the Charlotte Russe ones look a little thinner than I would like, however they are a good alternative.  I have also heard of an alternative at Target for about $6 or $7, however I could not find it online to include in this post, so stop by your local store and see if they have any in stock!


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