Friday, May 11, 2012

Essie: Secret Story

 When I saw this in the display of Essie polishes I immediately knew that it would be going home with me.  I have a ton of pinks in my collection, but I had recently begun looking for a bright pink color that was on the verge of being considered neon.  However, before I purchased it I did that little bubble test ( you know what I'm talking about right?  Where you tilt the bottle to see the little bubble of air?), anyway I could already tell that it was going to be a pretty sheer color.  The photo above is after only one coat.
 Surprisingly enough, this photo was taken after only two coats!  I thought that I would have to build up at least 4 or 5 coats to get this shade to the opacity that is shown in the bottle, but I was pleasantly surprised.  This blue-based neon pink is the perfect shade for summer, not only does it scream fun but it is also very 'on-trend' for this year.
 Of course, in typical fashion I painted on an extra coat just to be safe.  I absolutely love the way that this color turned out when I was done, it was so shiny that I contemplated not using a top coat.  I'm thinking that what I originally took as a sheerness to the color turned out to be a jelly like quality.  'Secret Story' makes my nails look amazing, I've never had a polish that looked this much like jelly before and I'm completely loving it.

My younger sister (who's in 7th grade) is on a school trip to California this week and she asked me to do her nails before she left.  I had just gotten home from the grocery store with this polish in tow, and I knew that this color would be perfect for her.  I'm a little jealous though, I like the way that this color looks on me but it looks even better on her.  She liked the color when I was done with her nails, so hopefully the staying power will last throughout her trip!  

*natural sunlight, 3 coats, Canon T3.


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