Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On Trend: Statement Necklaces

On Trend: Statement Necklaces

Even though it's summer statement necklaces are still very much on trend, their new bright colors and gold hardware have helped transition them into the summer wardrobe.  Not appropriate for beach-going purposes but perfect for nice lunches or shopping with your friends.  Here is a group of my favorite necklaces so far (with budgets ranging from J. Crew to Kate Spade to Forever 21).

1.  J. Crew Bubble Necklace ($150): This necklace is so cute, it's currently one of the things that I'm saving up for.  It comes in 4 other bright colors as well as black and white.

2.  Gerbara Garden Necklace ($149): Bright orange flowers and an elegant white ribbon tie. How perfect!

3.  Dimpled Bead Necklace ($8.80): This gold necklace is a great example of a simpler statement necklace, plus gold looks fabulous with a tan!

4.  Cactus Flower Necklace ($135): Cute teal and seafoam green flowers on a gold chain make this necklace a great addition to any collection.

5.  Lenon Necklace ($15): Long gold beaded necklace with pink accents, this necklace is great for any casual outfit.

6.  Whoops, this necklace was from Forever 21, but it's sold out on the website.  A great bright necklace that can be easily found at other stores.

7.  Azalea Necklace ($150) Super cute flower statement piece that comes in a dark blue shade and an electric orange (that's on sale for $98!)

8.  Hoffee Necklace ($20) This black paneled necklace has such a classic look that you'll surely use it any time of year.


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