Saturday, June 2, 2012

On Trend: Chunky Gold Bracelets

On Trend: Chunky Gold Bracelets

I bought my gold Michael Kors watch last summer and have honestly worn it everyday since it arrived in the mail. At first I thought that I would have a few links removed so that it fit my wrist correctly but I decided against it because I really liked the oversized look of it. I like how it looks chunky around my wrist but can also fall down my arm towards my elbow. 

Anyway, something that is extremely popular now is stacking. You can really stack anything from bracelets to watches to chains but I especially love the way these chunky chain bracelets look against my watch. Along with my watch I wear a J. Crew bracelet practically daily.

These chunky gold chain bracelets have been seen everywhere on everyone from fashion bloggers to celebrities. My set ranges from around $15 to over $100 so you'll surely find one that fits your budget!

Here are the links to my watch & bracelet: 
Michael Kors Watch
J. Crew Bracelet


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