Sunday, June 3, 2012

OPI: Hoodoo Voodoo?!

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This is one of my younger sister's polishes that I stole, and I admit I've only worn it two or three times since.  I thought that I was going to love this color and while I do like it, I think that there are other OPI shades that are more flattering on my skin tone.  

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'Hoodoo Voodoo?!' is a mid-tone berry pink color with a tinge of coral.  For some reason it reminds me a bit of strawberries, and when I picked up the bottle I half expected the word strawberry to be in the name somewhere.  I took this color from my sister about a year ago, but it originally came out a while back.  I did a bit of research online and it looks like this was a color that OPI discontinued but decided to repromote for a while a few years ago.  

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If this color was indeed brought back by OPI I can definitely see why, there were probably a ton of fans.  While it may not be my all-time favorite shade for my skin tone I do love it and the application couldn't have been any easier.  'Hoodoo Voodoo?!' was so creamy and pleasant to apply I'd venture to say that it was practically opaque in one coat!  

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I'll leave you with these two pictures of my doggie while I was trying to get a good shot of this color, looks like she loves it too :) 

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*natural sunlight, 2 coats, Canon T3.


  1. Your dog is so cute! That's an amazing picture with the focus on her nose and the rest a little blurry..

    1. Aw thank you so much! I got her from the pound about 3 years ago. She's a little crazy sometimes but I love her :) Thanks for following me too!


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