Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Think Pink!

Tory Burch, Victoria's Secret, Rebecca Minkoff

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Breast cancer is something that affects us all, whether it be an aunt, mother, sister, or friend in this day and age it is almost a guarantee that we all know someone who has been touched by this terrible disease. Thankfully many of them have pulled through as strong survivors and emerge brighter and bolder than ever. So here's to October breast cancer awareness month, let us all be aware and proactive in preventing this disease from taking or affecting any more lives.

On a less serious note I think that the best way (other than donating to a charity) to support the fight against breast cancer is to incorporate some pink in your wardrobe! Above are some of my favorite pink options; it's so simple to add some pink into your everyday life whether it be a nail polish, a little bracelet, gorgeous necklaces, or a full on pink outfit. Throughout October wear some pink and support all of the women who have conquered this disease, so THINK PINK!


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