Monday, October 8, 2012

Revlon: Coastal Surf

'Coastal Surf' is a bright true blue creme that reminds me so much of the ocean.  It goes on smoothly in 2 coats and was just as vibrant as it is in the bottle.  The fact that it goes on just like it is shown in the bottle is great because I find that a lot of times with bright colors you either have to use a white base coat or a ton of coats before you can get the true color to show through.  Do you have any favorite shades like this that I should try out?  

 *natural sunlight, 2 coats, Canon T3.  


  1. Love this blue! I don't own much Revlon but I kind of want to go find this one now :)

    Blonde In This City

    1. Do it! I wasn't too impressed with the regular Revlon line of nail polishes, they always tend to bubble on me. But definitely give this Colorstay line a try, I promise you'll be glad you did! :)


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