Thursday, March 8, 2012

Essie: Fifth Avenue

 Fifth Avenue is a color that Essie introduced a few years ago I believe.  This creamy shade is a bright tomato red with a fairly strong orange tint.  In these photographs it looks incredibly orange, I think it might have something to do with the lighting that I used, however when you use it on your nails the orange tint is undeniable.  Perhaps just imagine a pinch more red and you'll reach the color of Fifth Avenue.  I painted on 2 coats but you could absolutely get away with one fairly thick coat if you were in a rush.
 I'll admit, I originally bought this color because of the name (something that I do with all my products...if it has a cute or catchy name I'm 99% guaranteed to purchase) but I really do like the color. I've worn this on my nails a few times now and I find that it's the perfect shade of tomato red for my skin tone.  Sometimes reds can come off too bright or too dark for my taste but since this has that orange sheen it's a great bright color especially for the summertime.

*artificial lighting, 2 coats, Canon Rebel T3.  

This bottle was purchased at CVS, but you can find it practically anywhere with an Essie stand, it's one of the colors in their permanent collection.  It's also available at these links:


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