Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Essie: Damsel in a Dress

 First off, this isn't necessarily a 'new' Essie polish.  It debuted as part of Essie's Winter 2008 collection, I picked it up about 2 years ago I'd say somewhere during the Fall of 2010.  I had just moved to Chicago for college and was shopping at Target to stock my dorm room.  Knowing me, I left with this polish instead of toothpaste.  Oh geez.
This color is absolutely beautiful on as well as in the bottle.  It has that sort of shimmer that gives the color incredible depth and shine making it the perfect winter color. My bottle is currently about half full since I pull this baby out as a 'go-to' color once the weather starts to drop.  Anyway, that pearlescent sheen it has is my favorite part of this polish, it makes it unique amongst the sea of dark purple polishes out there.  I topped it off with one coat of my Sally Hansen top coat just to give a little bit more shine, but this polish doesn't really need it.  Damsel in a Dress has great staying power as well as nice opacity after 2 coats.

 *artificial lighting, 2 coats, Canon Rebel T3.

Like I said above, I bought mine at Target but since it's somewhat of an older color it's pretty readily available at places like Walmart, CVS, etc.  Or online at places like:


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