Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sally Hansen: Midnight in NY

Midnight in NY is a nice black if you don't really want a completely black dark polish.  It's practically black with the tiniest golden shimmers that you have to look closely to spot, however they lighten up the entire polish so that it's a little less dark and more glimmery than a creme black.

It is also one of the Sally Hansen polishes from the 'complete salon manicure' line which boasts the thick square shaped brush that I love.  Aside from the width of the brush the bristles are also short enough making it easy to control all strokes.  Overall I love the bottle and brush that this line has, something about the way that the bottle feels just seems so nice and sturdy to me.

While it goes without saying that you should always use a topcoat, it is extra necessary with this polish. I find that if you don't use a topcoat the golden shimmers don't show up as much which makes it come off as a plain black shade completely losing the magic of this color.  Another plus, I love the name (I'm such a sucker for cute names, I'll buy just about anything).  2 coats is plenty with this color, you could even get away with one pretty thick coat however you may end up with a few light colored patches, so it's always good to add an extra coat for good measure.

*natural lighting, 2 coats, Canon T3.


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